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Politics of Wine & Liquor Brands

Do your politics line up with your drink of choice? To answer this question we looked to GFK MRI survey data to profile over 50 major brands of wine and spirits according to voter registration and turnout history. The findings are summarized in the following bubble chart “Politics of Wine & Liquor Brands.”

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Demographics and Media Behaviors of Key 2012 Voter Groups

Demographics of political consumer segments While demographics alone are not necessarily predictive of political consumer voting behaviors and beliefs, this chart gives a sense of the similarities and differences across the groups. For example, in the upper left among high-turnout Democrats, the top-ranked demographic characteristic is African-American; the index score of 176 means that black […]

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Party Segment Bubble_Ind Voters mini

Independent Political Consumers

For the political marketer, identifying truly independent voters can be tricky because Americans are predisposed to say that they are one of them. After all, being an independent is a good thing.

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2010 Media Buying Trends: Dancing with the Stars (Part 1)

Briston Palin didn’t quite win, but ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” clearly came out on top as the bipartisan 2010 favorite of both Democratic and Republican political media buyers during the fall campaign.

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2010 Media Buying Trends: Primetime TV (Part 2)

Finding Voters in Primetime Do media buyers’ primetime program choices line up with what their target voters are actually watching? To answer this question, we again look at the MRI survey data to profile national primetime audiences in terms of their propensity to vote and their partisanship. These data are summarized in the following bubble […]

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The politics of beer

NMRPP Media Research featured in The Washington Post: What your beer says about your politics, in one chart When we took a look at consumer data showing correlations between an individual’s favorite spirits and his or her political leanings, we were inundated by one query: What about beer? Well, the next time you have to […]

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